Postcard Swap 2012 – In

I have just come back from a lovely week visiting my new grandson, and of course my daughter and her partner. It was a great visit, lots of cuddles, lots of weight and length gain, and a couple of forays out into the world that carries on regardless of your own sheltered spot. Those first few trips out with your baby, and all the extra bits and bobs you have to take along, are quite an effort. However, cabin fever takes over and they soon become much easier!

Coming home was great too, and several goodies in the letter box to greet me.

This lovely thing came from Christina McMaster. It is so fragile and tender colours to go with it. Christina has used part of a page from an old book as her base. It feels soft but the corners just broke off as I unwrapped it so the paper is brittle. An ephemeral expression. Only a postal address so I haven’t been able to link her here – I’ll send another postcard!

Number 2 is this cheerful postcard from Connie McGinnis. Again no link but maybe she will send me one when I email my thanks. ‘Enjoy Life’s Moments’ is perfect. I love the colours and the zentangle bird. I have been feeding our birds during the recent snow and I have a soft spot for them.

Thirdly, a credit to our postal systems, this ‘Wild At Heart’ card fromTerrie. It arrived without stamp, or postmark so I am impressed – unless it lost it’s envelope to the postie who fancied the stamp… but no, let’s say it was delivered free of charge for it’s sheer delightfulness! Here’s Terries link It’s well worth a visit with lots of lovely things going on.


About joslittlepictures

I frequently have trouble trying to decide how to describe myself. Am I an artist who makes jewellery too, or am I a jewellery artist who draws, paints, makes prints,takes photos, makes gardens,plays with book binding,and occasionally working in stone and mosaic? Then there is my delight in words as well. And I love cooking. What I don't do so well is housework, constant order, or keeping to schedules. I make lists, often starting with something I have completed just so I can start by ticking something off!
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4 Responses to Postcard Swap 2012 – In

  1. Hi Jo, I haven’t visited since you got back from Wanaka so I had a lovely time with my coffee, listening to the rain on the roof and putting off getting up! I love you postcards, given and received.

    And a grandmother! It is without a doubt one of the most fantastic experiences – I get to have the girls quite often being just an hour away and they love making things and being at the beach. It’s such joy!

    • Welcome back! It is a wonderful thing being a grandmother – I love sharing this time with my daughter and remembering all about her arrival too. I get to re-visit so many amazing memories and wonder where the time went all at the same time. Life is so good:)

  2. You’ve been making some lovely postcards and I’m sure the recipients will just love them. I was sure I stamped every single card! I’m amazed -but pleased – it arrived! Hope you find lots more p/c love in your mailbox!

    • Hi Terrie
      It was somehow encouraging that your mail arrived – someone decided to overlook ‘the rules’ and made a generous decision. Maybe there is hope yet that the world is not entirely governed by legalism!

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