31 Days Straight of Blogging

Today is the start of 31 days  straight blogging – a challenge in both senses of the word. Ultimateblogchallenge.com is the place to see what it is about. I am looking forward to seeing where this takes me!

Today I have it easy since I have been making some more cards for Kat Sloma’s swap to be ready to send off soon. I have just noticed that they are supposed to be actual postcards which is going to ho;d things up a bit – I guess I will have to get onto Vista Print and hope they get back to me smartish! I usually wait for one of their free offers…

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My main reason for joining this blog challenge is to keep learning new things, new ways to do things, and to discover new sites to visit, and new people to come and see what I do. A bit of an adventure really. I enjoy creating stuff, and somehow creating without an audience feels like a waste. Perhaps I can make someone’s day brighter, bring a smile to their face, and perhaps I will come across others who enjoy their own creativity too.




About joslittlepictures

I frequently have trouble trying to decide how to describe myself. Am I an artist who makes jewellery too, or am I a jewellery artist who draws, paints, makes prints,takes photos, makes gardens,plays with book binding,and occasionally working in stone and mosaic? Then there is my delight in words as well. And I love cooking. What I don't do so well is housework, constant order, or keeping to schedules. I make lists, often starting with something I have completed just so I can start by ticking something off!
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5 Responses to 31 Days Straight of Blogging

  1. alohadev says:

    Aloha Jo, so cool to learn about the Postcard Art Swap, I just signed up. I used to really be into pen-palling pre-internet and loved receiving fat envelopes stuffed with goodies on a near daily basis. These days I teach creative visionaries how to use social media and the internet to grow their audience and start a movement. I’m stoked to get my artsy Self in gear again and participate with you. Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring me to do the same!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. That artsy self loves an outing, and usually feeds into the other parts of your life.

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  4. tdennyprimal says:

    Hi, I just found you through the postcard swap. Have you tried out Moo.com? They make amazing postcards. That’s where mine are from.
    Love your blog, hope I get one of your cards!

  5. Thanks Tara. I haven’t tried Moo cards yet. The postage is a bit fierce to New Zealand, but I will give it a go sometime. Glad you liked my cards. It’s fun getting other peoples’ art in the mail

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