‘What’s on my Workbench?’ Wednesday – August 22nd

A Corner of Creative Chaos

Back out to the workshop today, yay. I am working on some pieces to take to the Selwyn Gallery out at Darfield. I have a few pieces for sale there and need to top things up a bit. It is exciting to be able to tell people there is some of my work there, and it makes me feel like a ‘proper’ artist!

You probably noticed some of these owls in a previous post, but I have worked out a couple of technical issues with them, and added a couple of little brooches, and some of my birdy earrings.

Tweet, tweet!

I love making these birdy earrings. I get to play with different textures and combine copper and silver, as I like to, and I am reminded of the birds in my garden as I work inside. The variations possible are endless, and I never get sick of them.

What are you up to this week? Leave a comment and tell me what is on your workbench.


About joslittlepictures

I frequently have trouble trying to decide how to describe myself. Am I an artist who makes jewellery too, or am I a jewellery artist who draws, paints, makes prints,takes photos, makes gardens,plays with book binding,and occasionally working in stone and mosaic? Then there is my delight in words as well. And I love cooking. What I don't do so well is housework, constant order, or keeping to schedules. I make lists, often starting with something I have completed just so I can start by ticking something off!
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6 Responses to ‘What’s on my Workbench?’ Wednesday – August 22nd

  1. Leanne says:

    Love your jewellery, those owls are gorgeous! I’m visiting after receiving one of your postcards from Kat’s swap. Funny that I live in Australia, so your postcard has been around the world!
    Thank you I love it!

    • Hi Leanne
      Thanks! I am still waiting for my first card to arrive, almost hovering at the letterboX. Maybe someone will run a swap here in the Southern Seas and the postie won’t have to work so hard!

  2. I really like your Wednesday Workbench posts Jo – especially as mine has been a little too tidy of late!

    • Thanks Wendy:) It seems that everything is either in a state of flux, or too tidy to make a mess for me. I need to have visible to get inspired, so mostly things are a bit messy! Thanks for dropping by

  3. Stacie says:

    Found you through the Postcard swap! I love your owls…oh my, the silver one in the second photo is my favorite. Wonderful work and I’m so glad I found your blog!

    • Hi Stacie
      Thanks for dropping by! I am really enjoying playing with these owl ideas and getting lots of lovely feedback. Now for ordering some more silver and insisting on studio time when there are so many distractions to pay attention to:)

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