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Give our Cities some Colour!

 I thought I would bring this over from a previous blog, just because I am a bit exercised by the possibility that our city to be rebuilt is probably going to be a mass of tilt-slab concrete buildings if the … Continue reading

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‘What’s on my Workbench?’ Wednesday – a clear space.

By the time you are reading this we will be winging our way across the ditch to visit our youngest in his new life in Perth. I am so looking forward to seeing them both and being able to give … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for Kat!

Deciding to enter Kat’s Postcard swap has been an inspirational delight! I had the great pleasure of coming up with the images for five postcards to be sent out into the big wide world, and the continuing fun of visiting … Continue reading

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‘What’s on my Workbench?’ Wednesday – Unpacking Stuff

My own workbench is standing alone and neglected this week. I am helping unpack my parents’  worldly goods as they return to their repaired and repainted home. They have been living out of suitcases for 8 weeks or so, and … Continue reading

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Thankyou Kat for running your postcard swap for us all to enjoy. It has been good fun looking in my mailbox for ‘happy mail’ as opposed to all that advertising and the bills we usually get. I think the postal … Continue reading

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Two Years on from our 7.1 Earthquake

This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of our 7.1 on the Richter scale Earthquake. There have been more than 11,000 aftershocks, with varying degrees of damage and fear. Any wonder we are in varying states of ill temper from time to … Continue reading

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Postcard Number Five, A Beautiful Rose

The arrival of my fifth postcard heralds the end of this great swap – well almost as Kat’s card will arrive anytime soon. It has been fun watching and waiting for proper mail in amongst the bills and advertising, and … Continue reading

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‘What’s on my Workbench?’ Wednesday 5th September

I have been working away, studiously trying to minimize the amount of scrap metal and unfinished projects that I have around. I am waiting for a metal order to arrive so it is a good time to clear up a … Continue reading

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Postcard Number 4 – nearly there!

Here is the fourth one to arrive from Michelle Ledesma, with a stunning quote on the back. ‘…and the time came when the risk it took to remain in a tightly closed bud became infinitely more painful than the risk … Continue reading

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Here’s Postcard Number 3

Here is the 3rd postcard in this swap, from Molly Dwyer, a lovely watercolour of the North Shore of Long Island. It is a peaceful picture, I think. You can see more of her work here at I have … Continue reading

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