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Treasures Revealed

I have a long history of dreams about secret rooms and abandoned derelict parts of buildings that are somehow mine. They feel very old, and sometimes they have people in historic costume and the furnishings match the period of those … Continue reading

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A New Spring

Spring seems to be making an early arrival this year with the daffodils in my front lawn glowing yellow against the grass this morning. We have had some really mild, sunny days for July, warm sun on my face but … Continue reading

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Another Postcard Swap

I decided to participate in another postcard swap – this time using words and some of my photos. I had no idea I would struggle with choosing quotes to use, there are so many quotes out there, all the way … Continue reading

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‘What’s on my Workbench?’ Wednesday – Unpacking Stuff

My own workbench is standing alone and neglected this week. I am helping unpack my parents’  worldly goods as they return to their repaired and repainted home. They have been living out of suitcases for 8 weeks or so, and … Continue reading

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Number 2 of Kat Sloma’s Swap

Here is the next one from dixiedollymama. No blog address on the back, sorry. She laughs about the level of snow in Atlanta, where she lives, closing schools. Me too, we had some good falls this winter. Take a look … Continue reading

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First of the Kat Sloma Postcard Swaps

The First Arrival in my Letterbox. This beautiful postcard arrived yesterday, all the way from the Philippines. Lui’s blog is at where she shares her work with  us. She does ‘sustainable art and community projects mostly non-profit initiatives, design and implements creative … Continue reading

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Lo – Tech Entertainment

Kite Flying This is another of those lovely, windy, outdoorsy things that are fun to do! Once you launch your little construction of paper, string, and sticks up into the wind it becomes a twisting, tugging live thing on the … Continue reading

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Quake Brain

Life is like a bowl of cherries, or a box of chocolates, they say. Well today I am overwhelmed with all the things going on out there. I am distracted, agitated, and unable to fix on anything as a focus. … Continue reading

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