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Catching Up

have been remiss! Summer has been busy with Christmas, New Year, various birthdays, and Easter, and now I find myself entering Autumn with a familiar feeling that it is time to slow down a bit and take time to prepare … Continue reading

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Postcards from Kara Munro’s Swap

Catching Up! It is that time of the year where things go mad, and I get seasonal migraines just to add to the mix. While the northern hemisphere heads into festivities in increasingly cool weather, we are having hot Nor-westers, … Continue reading

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New Postcards Arriving

The first three of five postcards have arrived from Kara Muno’s Swap It is lovely getting ‘real’ mail with the halloween adverts! This is from Melissa, from Fort Worth, Texas. It is a gorgeous colour and it did make me … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for Kat!

Deciding to enter Kat’s Postcard swap has been an inspirational delight! I had the great pleasure of coming up with the images for five postcards to be sent out into the big wide world, and the continuing fun of visiting … Continue reading

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Thankyou Kat for running your postcard swap for us all to enjoy. It has been good fun looking in my mailbox for ‘happy mail’ as opposed to all that advertising and the bills we usually get. I think the postal … Continue reading

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Number 2 of Kat Sloma’s Swap

Here is the next one from dixiedollymama. No blog address on the back, sorry. She laughs about the level of snow in Atlanta, where she lives, closing schools. Me too, we had some good falls this winter. Take a look … Continue reading

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Summer & Coffee

Postcards 7 and 8 have arrived, halfway around the world and into a completely different season! The first is from Jeanne from Minnesota bringing with it the glory of the ocean in a heatwave. I love the sea, and try … Continue reading

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What is Art Anyway?

A beautiful postcard from Shannon Ganshorn’s swap, all the way from Holland, to brighten my day. Thankyou Annemielie. I love the colours, and the quote is perfect. ‘Art is about Mystery’. So many people say they don’t ‘get’ art. There … Continue reading

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31 Days Straight of Blogging

Today is the start of 31 days  straight blogging – a challenge in both senses of the word. Ultimateblogchallenge.com is the place to see what it is about. I am looking forward to seeing where this takes me! Today I have it … Continue reading

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Postcards 5 & 6

Here are the next couple I have made. They are quite different from each other really. Sometimes I wonder where the ideas come from, but if I spend too much time wondering I get buried in ‘whys’ when I’d much … Continue reading

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