‘What’s on Your Workbench?’ Wednesdays

This was the week I tried making rings out of silver plate cutlery handles.

I love seeing what people are working on when I go and visit. It is endlessly interesting and often prompts the best conversations because whatever is there is what they are thinking about and problem solving around right now. People love to talk about their stuff, they love to see your enjoyment and hear what you think about what they are doing. They might even enjoy hearing about yours too.

I really enjoy sharing ideas and hearing how someone else might have approached the thing I am making. What other materials or techniques they think might be interesting to try, and my own ideas that spring from those suggestions, take me into new territories to explore. It is like throwing a whole bunch of stuff into the air and seeing what shape they take as they fall to the ground.

Here is another workbench that appears from time to time.

‘What’s on Your Workbench?’ Wednesdays will be a fun way for me to share what I am up to and hopefully hear what you have in front of you, and what you think about it all too.


2 Responses to ‘What’s on Your Workbench?’ Wednesdays

  1. I have had a fork bracelet with a little moonstone on it for many years, I’m very fond of it but then . . . then I saw a ring made from the tines of a tiny silver cake fork! I love the way it curls up my finger. I’m sure you can imagine it but let me know if you’d like me to post a photo.

    • Your ring sounds gorgeous. I had a moonstone ring which I loved, kind of art nouveau style design with the moonstone frosted in some way. Perhaps it had been sandblasted. I would love to see a picture of yours.

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